Patient Loyalty

Improving Patient Loyalty

In a day, a week and a month, you may be treating a fair number…
Family Time

Are You Getting Enough Family Time?

Work, work, work. Sometimes it seems to never end. Even when…
Team Work

Petty Stuff vs. Big Picture

In any practice, being that we are all human beings, there can…

Stress Buster: Action Plans

Whether you are the practice owner or one of the team, there…

Want More New Patients?

While word of mouth is everyone’s preferred method of acquiring…

Menu of Services vs. Engaging Questions

Having looked at many hundreds of healthcare websites and fliers…

Enemies Inside Your Practice

“You have enemies?  Good.  That means you’ve stood up for…
Financial Secuity

Financial Security

Most practitioners (and their staff) long for personal and professional…

Feasts and Famine

Many healthcare practices suffer from the Feasts and Famines…

Wishing you an EPIC 2016

Start the New Year off with a strong plan of action reflecting…

Micro Managing

With the growth of a practice or clinic, you as the practice…
Successful Team

Your Talented Team

Like you, your staff often have hidden talents that could be…