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Better Future

Is There Hope For A Better Future?

Most healthcare professionals who are running a practice feel that they are doing all they can do and that there is nothing further that can be done that will make a difference.  We talk to about 30 people a day on cold calls and many of them say “I’m doing fine” or “I’m happy the

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Scheduling and Cancellations

I’m sure this has never happened to you or your team, but sometimes patients or clients have the nerve to cancel their appointments or fail to show up at all!!!  And sometimes doctors and staff find this frustrating and annoying.  Can you imagine?! That was an attempt at light humour on a subject that all

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Caring for your Team

Owning a practice certainly can have its ups and down and trials and tribulations.  For sure!  And, you may find yourself busting your butt every day to just get through the day and service all the patients in your schedule plus all the emergencies.  Sometimes it can seem endless and like a treadmill.  It can

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Alert Re Google and Mobiles

  Probably most practices have heard about having to have your website be “mobile responsive” and have taken the steps to get theirs fixed, but have you done it for real? For instance, yesterday I met with a doctor who was sure that her website was mobile responsive and I showed her on my iPad

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Going from Average to Great

Going from Average to Great!

Everyone has had dreams of really excelling at something in their lives. For instance, as a healthcare professional you probably envisioned an awesome practice with terrific patients or clients who went ahead with the ideal care you were presenting, and you and your fabulous team delivered the service with a care level that exceeded your

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New staff need their boss

Have you ever wondered why some new employees “work out” better than others? You hire them full of hope that they will be the sparkling success you need them to be for whatever position they are to fill. In the interview, they seemed so right and their credentials and experience all checked out. And you

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Dealing with Rejection

Most healthcare professionals start off their careers full of bright, shiny enthusiasm to get their patients or clients to accept the ideal care they now know how to deliver. However, as time goes on and you have presented hundreds and thousands of treatment plans or made your best recommendations, you have probably had your advice

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How to Stay Positive, Despite Anything!

Have you ever gotten totally frustrated with some project or action you are working on and got to feeling that it couldn’t be done … that it was all impossible? Or you asked someone to do something and got negativity? You may have had people around you who just said, without even trying, “It’s impossible,

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Some people are hard to talk to!

Practices have their doors open to the world usually, and all manner of people can choose to walk through those doors. And it would probably be fair to say that there is a certain percentage who you do not have instant chemistry with, right? Sometimes they are intensely shy, sometimes they look and smell unkempt,

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Can do it

The “I Can’t Afford It” Objection

Getting a patient or client to go ahead with the ideal care they deserve to have is sometimes like pulling teeth (pun intended). You went to school for 4 years in order to be able to give perfect treatments and you would think that since a patient or client came to you with a problem,

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Coping like mad but getting nowhere?

You say to yourself as you head toward the practice, “It’s going to be a great day today.” You are trying to pump yourself up to survive another day. You walk into reception and the first thing you are hit with is that one of the staff is ill and not there. A patient or

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excellent service

Department of First Impressions

How important is the staff member manning your front desk? Extremely! Here are a couple of experiments: Try phoning around to 5-10 different practices (not your competitors, please!) and put yourself in the shoes of a new patient or client and see how you feel about the response at the other end of the line.

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