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Handling an Angry Patient

Your day at the front desk is going along well with a lot of really nice clients or patients who are very appreciative of the terrific service and care they have received. Then suddenly, the calm and peace is ripped apart by an angry client, whether on the phone or in person. This is never

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Insurance Hassles

One of the biggest time wasters for the staff of many practices is all the insurance issues that have to be dealt with in a day. Although less than 50% of the population has insurance coverage, it seems like a much higher percentage than that just due to the time needed to handle the associated

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The Weather Factor

Snow days and ice storms. The entire city is shut down with a freak ice storm. Or you open your front door to a wall of snow. Or two feet of snow fell overnight and the plows haven’t come yet. And maybe it wasn’t even predicted. We live in Canada so we see it all

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Grab Attention with Effective Ads

Where are those new patients you so wish would call in or walk into your practice? There are usually many thousands of potential public who need to know that you are THERE and available. Ever had someone walk in your front door and ask if you just moved in when in fact you’ve been there

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Good Boss, Bad Boss

Just as with staff, there are probably 50 shades of grey between “super awesome boss” and “replace please.” I was going to call this article “Good Staff, Bad Staff” but in thinking my way through it, I realized that it is the executive (owner) of the practice who is going to set the bar on

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Comfort Zone

Stuck in a Comfort Zone?

During our 3 decades of consulting healthcare practices, we have encountered and helped practices that have gotten stuck in a comfort zone … “we’ve always done it this way.” Sometimes it is like being in a time warp as the rest of the world has made excellent advancements in technology and ways to improve service

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7 Reasons No One Hears You

In this world of high tech communication systems, the human skill of communicating effectively with another human being is still the most valuable. As we all know, there are two sides to effectively communicating: listening and talking. Both of them are key to achieving a full understanding between two people, whether in a personal setting

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Ever felt like throwing in the towel?

Have you ever felt for a day or a week (or months or years) like throwing in the towel, ending the business, walking away, closing it down or selling it and starting something new entirely? Guess what? You’re not alone! Almost anybody has had a day or two or more when they felt like that.

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Hate Confrontation?

Running a practice, whether as the Owner or the Office Manager has a lot of trials and tribulations. You may find yourself doubting yourself (are you sure you’re are making the right decision), hating how you managed a certain situation (and you make a resolve never to try that again), wish that you weren’t put

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Wish coming true

Your Wish Will Come True

You have probably read articles (and perhaps with some disbelief) that what is happening to you here and now has something to do with your own thoughts and decisions. Have you ever had a thought or made a decision (alone or with someone else) and had it come true, exactly as you wanted? Wouldn’t it

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Off the Rack Consulting

Ever have a sneaking feeling that your practice could be doing better? Ever experienced just a little over-the-top stress from time to time? Feel your staff are not on the same page as you sometimes (and they probably feel likewise that you are not on their page either)? Wish your patients or clients would go

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Want To Be A Business Genius?

Some days, it seems like you have to be an absolute genius to run an efficient and profitable practice. The question is, if you were not born that way, how can you achieve the status of genius? I discovered the following list which was written by a management expert and I thought I would pass

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