How to Stay Positive, Despite Anything!

Have you ever gotten totally frustrated with some project or action you are working on and got to feeling that it couldn’t be done … that it was all impossible? Or you asked someone to do something and got negativity?

You may have had people around you who just said, without even trying, “It’s impossible, it’ll never happen, it can’t be done, why bother…” and so on. Having such a person around you continually bringing you down can affect you and you may find yourself going into agreement with them and you may give up when you shouldn’t.

Debbie Downers Are Dangerous

Some people call that person a “Debbie Downer” … a character from Saturday Night Live who brings down the mood of everyone around them, adds bad news and negative feelings to gatherings, etc. Anyone can have moments when they feel that something can’t be done, but it’s occasional, not constant.

Most people are pretty positive and, when surrounded by similarly spirited teammates, can accomplish a lot of production and be very creative.

How to Maintain a “Can Do” Attitude

It’s more than likely that on some occasions when something looked impossible to do, you may have squinted your eyes, taken a deep breath, and said, “Yes it CAN be done!” And you went ahead against any and all odds and accomplished your goal. That was the right way to go about it.

When confronted with something that seems impossible to do, dig deep inside yourself and find the “Can Do” attitude. Put your focus on achieving the goal and say to yourself and others involved, “There has to be a way;” “We are going to figure it out and MAKE it happen;” “How CAN it be accomplished?” “How can we SOLVE this?” etc.

Let’s Just Do It Anyway

Just have a “Let’s do it anyway” attitude. Put your focus on achieving the goal, and positive things will happen. Challenge anyone who tries to put a damper on it and don’t let your momentum toward success be disrupted by anyone.

And you may not always win. But fight the good fight and know that you gave it your all and don’t let the occasional failure dictate your future. You are an amazing person who is capable of many things and you just need to “power up” and keep a “can do” attitude and you can accomplish almost anything!

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