Is There Hope For A Better Future?

Better Future

Most healthcare professionals who are running a practice feel that they are doing all they can do and that there is nothing further that can be done that will make a difference.  We talk to about 30 people a day on cold calls and many of them say “I’m doing fine” or “I’m happy the way things are” or “It‘s not about the money anymore.”  And so on.

They have reached a plateau with the management tools they currently know and often think that that is all there is, and they stop striving to reach their full potential.  Some are still hoping things will get better, but don’t know what to do to get there.

They often say that they don’t want to work more hours, or have more stress, increase their fees, oversell patients or clients, change all their staff, spend millions on marketing, and all the other things they think they would have to do if we worked with them.  And yet nothing could be further from what we do!  We have worked with more than 1,400 providers over the last 26 years, and that is NOT what we do.

Almost every one of them could increase their income by $10,000 to $30,000 per month (for a single provider) while working fewer hours, having less stress, giving their patients more ideal care and service, having a kick-ass staff who rock the place and so on.  There is a whole world of management tools and sensible systems and structure available that is not being tapped into.

In college, you got very trained as a healthcare professional but got almost zip all training in terms of:

  • how to be a great executive and leader,
  • how to give orders correctly,
  • how to hire and train super team members,
  • how to get your patients or clients to accept the ideal care you know how to provide and would be best for them,
  • how to organize for better efficiency and production,
  • how to manage by statistics to detect where and when the quality of service is dropping out,
  • how to market to bring in enough new patients of the kind you will enjoy treating,
  • how to know when and how to get the “right” associate and fill them up with their own patients,
  • how to control the spending to accumulate wealth (and pay off debts)
  • how to strategically plan the growth of your practice
  • how to plan your exit strategy when you get within 5 years of that moment
  • and how to do all this without stress.
There is always more knowledge in this world and an increase in know-how can give you way more tools to do things more efficiently and profitably and less stressfully.

So yes, there IS a better future available and we CAN help.  YOU are the one who has to reach for it and start the process.  We offer a free, in-depth practice analysis to see what your full potential is and what needs to be done to get there.

Call right away and let’s talk.  It’s free.

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