Which comes first: Website or Social Media?

Like most healthcare professionals you probably want new patients or clients to knock at your front door, but which front door?  There is the physical front door to your office for walk-ins (though usually people call first to make an appointment).  And then there is the “virtual” front door … your website.

If you do not yet have a website and have not started on your social media marketing adventure, you have to make a decision as to which to get to work on first.  And there is an easy answer for healthcare professionals.  If you sell products that your clientele buy online, then get that website done and up right away so people can find you and buy your products.  If, however, you sell and deliver services in your office, then social media marketing would be your best choice to start with. You do not need a website in order to experience excellent response to social media.

Public Media

Social media is more of a public relations activity to make yourself known to your potential public and to get them to be interested in coming to you.  You are trying to let people know who you are and what you do.  Examples of what we mean by social media are Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, and that sort of thing.  You want to make your phone ring and then your “front door” staff can take over and ensure the caller walks through and into your practice for service.

If you don’t know how or where to start with social media, there are companies that can be hired (we are using a very good one:  Doug Hay at doug@doughayassoc.com).  Alternatively, you may have staff who are very skilled at these things – just make sure that you and your practice are presented in a very upscale and professional manner, not like you would communicate if it was between friends.  Also, you can learn how to do ANYTHING on the internet … just Google the subject or else go to YouTube – there is sure to be a video or more teaching you about this.

By the way, a website CAN also bring people to your office obviously.  In fact, some offices now have a page on their website where a person can request an appointment and some practices even have their schedule up there so a patient or client can pick their own appointment time (though this is not usually a very good system as it can lead to inefficient scheduling of your day and a significant loss of income).

However, if you have to choose which to get going on first, choose social media.  But don’t forget to get a wonderful website built after that because they ARE important too.

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