Marketing To Fill Up Your Practice

Perhaps your practice isn’t as fully booked out as you would like it.  Or maybe you want to build up a juggernaut and hire an associate so you have someone helping you take the practice to another level.  If yes to either supposition, then let’s do marketing and “fill ‘er up!”

Here are some basic rules to guide you:

First rule of marketing:  Realize that you need to do it to grow and maintain a successful practice. So many of our clients have confessed with embarrassment at the outset of working with us that they don’t do any marketing.  And that, of course, is obvious because they are seeing so few new patients or clients coming in their front doors.

Second rule of marketing:  Realize that as the practice owner, it is ultimately up to you to either do the marketing or ensure that the staff member responsible is doing it.  The buck stops with he or she who own the business.  You want more income?  Then, keep on top of this.

Third rule of marketing:  Have a plan that provides for consistent marketing.  A lot of practitioners do hit and miss marketing when the mood or an idea strikes them or they have gotten to a point of desperation income-wise.

Fourth rule of marketing:  Decide what kind of patients or clients you would like to attract to your practice.  Think about your favourite patients or clients right now.  Who do you love working with and treating?

Fifth rule of marketing:  The fourth rule of marketing will dictate the type of marketing methods or avenues you choose in order to reach your targeted audience.  For instance, 20 – 30 Somethings will find you through social media avenues such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.  A generally more “mature” audience might find your website through a Google search, or might hear an ad on the radio or read certain magazines or newspapers that you can advertise in.

Sixth rule of marketing:  Make your marketing appeal to the emotions of the receiver of the message.  People buy on emotional impact, not on logic.  Setting out a list of services offered in your practice is boring and will not generally attract someone to your practice.  We recently watched a short video at the front of one of our client’s website and it was a whole series of people smiling in various settings … with family, in the park, and other locations.  It was so warm and friendly it made us want to join that practice.

Seventh rule of marketing:  Keep your messages short and powerful.  Do not do long diatribes; few people have time to read a long dissertation.

Eighth rule of marketing:  Get it done and out the door and into peoples hands so they can respond and come into your practice.  Getting into the ultimate of perfectionism and never getting it done is a trap to avoid.  Quantity of messages is first priority, quality is second.

Ninth rule of marketing:  Measure the success of each marketing type you are doing in order to see where your marketing dollars are most productive.  Document it how each patient comes to you.

Tenth rule of marketing:  If a certain marketing campaign worked once, it will work again – use that campaign until it no longer produces a result.  Too many people throw away a successful action while it is still working.

Let people know your practice exists and “fill ‘er up!”

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