Low Cost or No Cost Marketing

Want more new patients but don’t want to spend a fortune on marketing? Why should you when there is so many brilliant, free and easy ways to go about it?

Our team spent 1-1/2 hours one morning last week putting our heads together to come up with a list of inside out marketing ideas for ourselves and for you … there are many, many free or low cost internal marketing methods that can be done from within the practice. We filled 1-1/3 typewritten pages with ideas and then farmed out the first few ideas to specific individuals according to their interest and/or skill set and there is one person delegated to follow up that each thing gets done.

Here are a few of the ideas, and you can probably use some of them in your own practice as well. These are not in any order of priority or significance:

  • Learn how to do posts on Twitter and set up a Twitter account and get going – one staff member will maintain this and the rule is to keep them short and business related and positive.
  • Have different staff do short podcasts on various topics to do with your practice and put them on website, Facebook, etc.
  • Have staff do a testimonial of why it is rewarding working in your practice and post on Facebook, website, Twitter, and so on.
  • Make a Google Plus page on your website and each week ask a few of your patients or clients to post on it why they like your service and practice.
  • Have a “Company Press” blog on your website with the latest news about the practice or the staff (i.e. who’s pregnant, getting married, got a new puppy (picture please), went on an interesting trip (pictures please) etc. Makes patients feel included in your business.
  • Make an introductory video for your practice – put on Facebook, website, LinkedIn etc. Staff can do it and feature the doctor in one part.
  • Make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your website.
  • Make a bunch of YouTube videos about topics that patients want to know about your type of service
  • Have a Q & A page on your Facebook
  • Write short articles (in layman language) and get them posted on various blog sites, Facebook, website, etc.
  • Ask patients/clients to link with you on LinkedIn.

Those ideas are just to name a few!!! You can probably come up with many more if you and your team put your heads together.

The main trick is to not overwhelm yourselves with too many ideas. Just take a couple and GET THEM DONE. Have someone in charge of the completion of the targets and dates set by which each one will be done. Most of them are fairly quick to set up. Then they just need to be maintained.

Once the first couple are done or in “maintain mode”, take the next few ideas and get going on those.

Remember: You can make tomorrow even better than today!




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