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Shrinking or Expanding

Statistics: How To Tell How You Are Doing

Did you know that in this day and age of digital everything, that there are still practice owners who manage their team by who they like, who seems the busiest, who is nicest to work with, who is the least trouble, and so on? Not only that, guesswork as to what needs to be done

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Procrastination Hurting Profits?

Procrastination is something many of us are guilty of, some more than others.  It usually results in stress, feelings of guilt and crisis.   And yes, productivity often suffers as a result and thus can affect your profitability. On the grounds that fully understanding something often opens the door to being able to control it, here

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Treatment Acceptance

Treatment Presentation Errors

One of the most successful aspects of our work with clients over the last 16 years has been helping them to correctly present treatment plans to their patients. But, no matter how wonderful your treatment plan is, the patient’s acceptance of it can be sabotaged by any one of the following sales pitfalls: Don’t Make

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Success Happens

Some people think success is only for the “lucky” or that “it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time” or that “it’s who you know.” While it is a fact that there are people who have succeeded due to the above factors, did you know that everyone else can have

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The Four Stages of a Business: From Love to Hate

Just as products have a life cycle or shelf life, so do business owners and managers. You can go from the Fun Stage (when you first started up) to the final stage of “I hate my business and I want out” (which can go on for many years). The question is: Can something be done

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Broken Piggy Bank

Are You Giving Away Your Retirement?

This article about discounting your fees has graced the pages of Denturism Canada a number of years ago.  However, the issue continues to rear its ugly head, so we wanted to “play it again.” The theme is:  Be the BEST and get compensated appropriately, or how to eliminate discounts in a practice.  By discounting, you

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Recession Proof

Is Your Practice Recession-Proof?

The prophets of doom and gloom have raised their ugly heads again, and are predicting a major recession. Yawn. The Art Of Management worked with clients throughout the severe “recession” of the early 90’s and saw strong growth by our clients throughout those 5 years.  Yet at the same time, most other practitioners suffered losses. 

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Suffering from a lack of direction?

Do you ever feel lost some days?  Like, why are you here, doing what you’re doing, on a treadmill of show up for work, do work, go home from work (and perhaps take some home with you)?  Don’t know which is the right way to take your practice next?  Or, you know that it’s not

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How you look, talk write, act and work reveal your professionalism or lack thereof.  Society does not emphasize the importance of professionalism, so people tend to believe that amateur work is normal.  Many businesses accept less-than-great results. Schools graduate students who cannot read.  You can miss 15 per cent of the driving-test answers and still

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Working Hard

Highly successful people love to work. All athletes who reached the top of their game, including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, practiced for 12-15 hours per day to reach their skill levels. Bill Gates worked 20-hour days for years. Hard-working employees have better job security than lazy employees. Hard work helps professionals rise to the

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A Case of the “Lazies”

Over the years, many healthcare professionals have told me that they are lazy. They find themselves goofing off, playing games on the computer, texting friends, going home early or without staying to finish up their day properly, chatting on the phone, doodling, chatting too much with patients or clients, and so on.  When we take

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The Dream Team

Having worked with more than 1,100 Canadian healthcare professionals since 1989, we’ve observed that most of them do a fairly decent job of hiring the right staff but they THINK they haven’t – simply because they’re not coaching them into the dream team. While there is neither such thing as a perfect boss, nor a

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