Working Hard

Highly successful people love to work. All athletes who reached the top of their game, including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, practiced for 12-15 hours per day to reach their skill levels. Bill Gates worked 20-hour days for years.

Hard-working employees have better job security than lazy employees. Hard work helps professionals rise to the top of their professions. Businesses that beat their competitors are run by people who work the hardest.

When you can put in some hard work, you can accomplish great things. You reach your goals. You have self-respect and pride.

Five Excuses for Not Working Hard

  1. “Hard work leads to workaholism.”
  2. “I’m a boss and bosses don’t have to work hard.”
  3. “I don’t get paid enough.”
  4. “I don’t have the time for it right now.”
  5. “I’ll work hard when I feel like it.”

Factually, all successful people work hard. They ignore their minor pains and mental barriers. They complete projects as fast as possible and dive into their next project.  Hard work is vital to your morale, superior accomplishment and high pay. It’s the engine in your rocket to your goals. No one succeeds without it.

Five Tips for Becoming More Industrious

  1. Break big projects into smaller and smaller tasks until you feel comfortable about doing the first tiny task. Then do it! You will start a bit of momentum that will help you start the next tiny task and then the next, and the next, and so on.
  2. Set deadlines for yourself and then beat them. Take pride in your accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back!
  3. Force yourself to get started. Just close your eyes, move your body and start. Once you have made some progress, the work will be much easier.
  4. Do the entire task in your mind before starting it. Imagine a fast, successful completion. Enjoy the rewards in your head. Starting and completing the job will be much easier.
  5. Arrange a reward for your extra hard work. Example, “As soon as I finish all these reports, I’ll have a delicious dinner.” “I will go to the movies, but only after I clean out the garage.”



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