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Perks of a Job Well Done

Whether you are the team captain (owner) of the practice or any of the stars on the team, everyone needs and appreciates “pats on the back” for going “supernova” from time to time. Pats on the Back Yes, a literal pat on the back or even words of appreciation are vital to the health of

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Sometimes You Just Need a Good Laugh!

Sometimes a day can seem to drag on and on. Patients come and patients go and it can be a bit boring. Why not lighten up your day as well as the patients’ or clients’ by adding some humour? The following are some fun (and clean) jokes that were online. (There are millions of these

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How to Bring the World to Your Door

Everyone looks for the magic bullet that will act like a magnet to draw new patients into your practice in droves. There are tons of false promises out in the market place selling you on this and promoting that as “the most outrageously successful marketing tool” to date. You sometimes buy in, and almost as

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Every Day is a School Day

  Have you ever met a “know best?” This is someone who thinks they know everything already and that there is nothing more they can learn or need to know. Infuriating, right? Their mind is so tightly closed that they are functioning in their own little world and shutting out the rest of life. This

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Comfort Zone

Stuck in a Comfort Zone?

During our 3 decades of consulting healthcare practices, we have encountered and helped practices that have gotten stuck in a comfort zone … “we’ve always done it this way.” Sometimes it is like being in a time warp as the rest of the world has made excellent advancements in technology and ways to improve service

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Time For Change?

As a practice owner, you have a whole new year ahead of you and instituting positive, correct changes right NOW will make it a BETTER year.  It is like a blank slate.  You can write anything on it you want to.  Or you can do the same old, same old and have the same result

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Off the Rack Consulting

Ever have a sneaking feeling that your practice could be doing better? Ever experienced just a little over-the-top stress from time to time? Feel your staff are not on the same page as you sometimes (and they probably feel likewise that you are not on their page either)? Wish your patients or clients would go

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Better Future

Is There Hope For A Better Future?

Most healthcare professionals who are running a practice feel that they are doing all they can do and that there is nothing further that can be done that will make a difference.  We talk to about 30 people a day on cold calls and many of them say “I’m doing fine” or “I’m happy the

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Going from Average to Great

Going from Average to Great!

Everyone has had dreams of really excelling at something in their lives. For instance, as a healthcare professional you probably envisioned an awesome practice with terrific patients or clients who went ahead with the ideal care you were presenting, and you and your fabulous team delivered the service with a care level that exceeded your

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How to Stay Positive, Despite Anything!

Have you ever gotten totally frustrated with some project or action you are working on and got to feeling that it couldn’t be done … that it was all impossible? Or you asked someone to do something and got negativity? You may have had people around you who just said, without even trying, “It’s impossible,

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About Us

Missing This on Your Website?

Websites are so vital these days because they can generate a lot of new patients or clients for your practice if well done. And there are hundreds of thousands of website designers and “experts” available, but they are not always properly trained in marketing and PR. While our company does not design websites, we are

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Marketing: Benefits vs. Services

Having looked at thousands of healthcare websites and fliers, etc. over the years, we have found that a vast majority listed out (usually on the front page) all the types of services they offer at their clinic. According to the most successful marketing people, this is a big no-no. For starters, the average patient or

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