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How to Be a Superstar

Bosses and staff are a team (or should be) and can make a huge difference in your patients’ lives.  However, not everyone is a “born” superstar.  What are the qualities that would help you be one and become indispensable? Superstar Traits The person (boss or staff) really enjoys being at work and being of service

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Team Togetherness

Togetherness is not a word you would use to describe some of the teams we have run into in some practices over the years.  And yet, as a practice owner, it’s probably high on your “perfect practice” wish list that you have a team that gets along and bonds well. Factually, whether you have two

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Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing has crept into our lives and taken over as one of the prime methods of attracting people to your practice.  It has become especially important in your social media strategy for reaching potential new patients.  This is a trend that we can’t ignore as a valid avenue to make yourself known.  Per a

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5 Seriously Good Hiring Questions

The interview and hiring process can be very disturbing, annoying, aggravating, frustrating … pick your favourite word.  The complaints are often that there are no good candidates applying.  While that may be true, it may just be that you are not putting out the right messages to attract seriously good people. For 30 years we’ve

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How to Improve Your Lifestyle Despite the Recession

Forward Thinking for your Dental Practice

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” admin_preview_bg=”] Do you sometimes feel frustrated with the present set of circumstances in your dental practice?  You come in every day and it’s the same old story of coping through the day, and getting the heck out of there at end of day to eat a late, cold

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Doubts vs. Failures

Did you know that there are many dentists who dream about having a practice one day, but never take the leap into ownership?  Others dream of renovating their practice and making it state of the art, or buying the new, hugely expensive scanners and milling machines.  Doubts plague their dreams and their waking moments.  It

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You Get What You Pay For

Many patients and clients these days are constantly looking for bargains and how to get stuff cheap.  They are even getting into bartering in your practice which traditionally never happened for healthcare professions in Canada.  But times are changing and demographics are changing too, and we are seeing this trend for some patients and clients

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Staff Issues

In analyzing practices and chatting with practice owners, the most common subject they bring up is “staff issues”.  Interestingly enough, the “issues” are widely variable from practice to practice.  However, about 75% of the problems relate to communication as a general category. Let’s look at these “staff issues” and some solutions. Your Most Valuable Asset

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Your Most Valuable Practice Asset

Some professionals consider their professional licence their most valuable asset.  Others think that having a location in a prime area is the biggest asset.  Many would answer that their state of the art equipment ranks highest.  There is a saying that your future earning power is your most valuable asset (insurance companies selling you on

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Have you Reached Peak Clutter?

A potential new patient or client walks into your practice and looks around.  What they see can influence their opinion of your professionalism and whether they will become a patient or client of your practice. Will they see a clean, well-organized, zero-clutter front office and be impressed by what they observe? Or will they see

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How to Improve Your Lifestyle Despite the Recession

Failure is a Bruise. Not a Tattoo.

Over our lifetimes, many opportunities to improve and expand present themselves.  New ways of thinking.  Fresh ideas.  And we get excited by some of them, right? Let’s call that the First Thought:  “Hmmm, that sounds like a great idea; we should go for it.” Then there is the Second Thought that comes right after:  “But

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Make Things Happen

Never Assume Anything!

“I hope she filed that tax return on time.”  “Surely she will remember to lock the back door on the way out.”  “I wonder if he will remember to call that patient who was upset this morning?”  “I’m fairly sure that she will remember to do inventory and place the order today while I’m away,

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