How to Be a Superstar

Bosses and staff are a team (or should be) and can make a huge difference in your patients’ lives.  However, not everyone is a “born” superstar.  What are the qualities that would help you be one and become indispensable?

Superstar Traits

  1. The person (boss or staff) really enjoys being at work and being of service to people, even ones that are a little “grumpy” (maybe just having a bad day, week, month and need cheering up). They get up in the morning and look forward to getting to the practice and having an excellent day.  If you start out your day with “what’s going to go wrong today,” you are not going to have an excellent day with that attitude.
  2. They are honest. People make mistakes.  The true test of quality is whether they can let their boss know and also take full responsibility for handling the outcome of the error.  Bosses should super appreciate honesty.  And when bosses make a mistake, they should be able to say to the team that they made a mistake and what they are doing about it.  Huge trust develops with honesty and openness.
  3. A superstar thinks about the greater good for all concerned when suggesting or requesting things. For instance, the practice is having a “soft” period, so the person does not ask for a raise or bonus at that time but offers some suggestions for marketing or other ways to get the practice going well again.  And when it is, then ask for the raise.
  4. Rockstars not only take responsibility for their own duties but, when needed or possible, they help out others within the practice. They see what is needed and offer help – they don’t wait to be asked or begged to help.
  5. Efficiency is a very key quality in a superstar employee or employer. Taking on a task and just working your way through getting it done is one way to handle things.  But an efficiency expert is also working out ways to get tasks done faster, simpler, easier each time they do it.
  6. Extremely valuable employees can uplift or inspire the whole team, thereby increasing everyone’s performance and morale.

Those are just a few of the identifiers of Superstars.


Superstars are skilled, capable and trusted to do well.  They make a point of it and that is what makes them a Rockstar as a staff member or a boss.  Work to develop these in yourself and you’ll go far and you deserve to!

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