5 Seriously Good Hiring Questions

The interview and hiring process can be very disturbing, annoying, aggravating, frustrating … pick your favourite word.  The complaints are often that there are no good candidates applying.  While that may be true, it may just be that you are not putting out the right messages to attract seriously good people.

For 30 years we’ve been coaching healthcare professionals on the effective tools and techniques for finding and hiring the best possible candidates for their incredibly valuable practices.  The right team can make or break the ultimate success of your dreams for your practice, right?  So you need to make good choices.

Here are some tools and tips for acquiring the right people. (Read more on “Fastest Growing Job Requirements“).

Ads, ads, ads

First of all, when advertising the position, think globally instead of locally.  In other words, make sure your ad is seen across the country.  People may want to move to a new location for the ideal job.

You can use Indeed (a free online hiring platform) or Kijiji (also free) or other local papers or online services that are inexpensive or free.

Nowadays, you have to sell the position.  For example, what are the benefits to the candidate, such as the mission statement for the practice, whether you use leading-edge technology, that you have a great team who love to work together, the location of the practice (i.e. near awesome schools, beautiful mountains for skiing, gorgeous lakes or oceans for swimming, etc.).  Be truthful, but pitch it.


In the ad, ask for a resume to be sent to you by email or fax.  The layout and presentation of it can reveal accuracy and neatness.  Look over the employment history and see if they have the experience you are looking for and also are there any gaps in the history – you will want to ask about those in the interview.

The actual interview with the candidate should provide you with the greatest amount of information and these hiring questions will help you.  This is your opportunity to watch the individual perform under fire.  How do they handle themselves?  Can they think on their feet?  Do they have the technical knowledge that the position requires?

5 “Must Ask” Hiring Questions:

  1. The candidate’s production record: “In your last job, what benefits did you bring to the practice; what are you most proud of in your last couple of positions?” People who are proud of their production records are not usually clock watchers just putting in time and being dead weights.  If you ask for references who can verify their past production, watch out and stay away from the individual who becomes very defensive about supplying the names of people who will verify for them.
  2. What did they like most about their last position and what did they like the least?
  3. What will they be exchanging with you for their salary? “Money for hours put in” is NOT the response that you want.  “A more productive doctor” is a good answer for an assistant for example.  “A well booked and busy doctor who is well paid for his services” is a good answer for a receptionist.  In other words, how good is their sense of “exchange”?
  4. Ask questions that demand a thorough understanding of the details or technical aspects of the position. Ask what they would do in certain situations?  For instance, what would you do if a patient complained about how high their bill was?
  5. What do you consider would be the 5 most essential qualities the person who fills this position must possess?

There you go!  Find the needle in the haystack or the diamond in the rough.  They are out there and it is important to you and your success that you find them.  Have fun!

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