Doubts vs. Failures

Did you know that there are many dentists who dream about having a practice one day, but never take the leap into ownership?  Others dream of renovating their practice and making it state of the art, or buying the new, hugely expensive scanners and milling machines.  Doubts plague their dreams and their waking moments.  It frightens them.  They stall out and never do go forward.

On the other side of the coin, there are a few practice owners who charged out on their own and became failures.  However, it is a really, really small percentage who fail, by comparison with those who doubt themselves and never tried.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

– Suzy Kassem (Writer, Poet, Philosopher)

Recover the Dream

First of all, what ARE those dreams you have or once had?  Really search to find the given-up-on goals from the past.  Go past any doubts connected with them, and just look at the dreams and ideas.  Do any of them still give you a little tingle of excitement or interest?  If yes, dust them off and write them down as fully as you can.

Kill the Doubt

As you do this, you may feel the doubts creeping in, remember why you didn’t go ahead, feel the sadness of giving up on the idea that had so excited you.  These doubts can hang you up in indecision and go on for ages and ages, often resulting in no action whatsoever.  Surely everyone has doubts about any major (and sometimes minor) decisions.

To squelch the doubts, you should always look at the pros and cons and see what the long term outcome of any major decision might be.  Ask proactive friends (not the Debbie downers) to be the devil’s advocate on your dream to see what the downside would be, if any.  Do some research online to see what information there is regarding your goal or idea.  Others may have gone before you and you can find out how they did succeed.

In the Final Analysis

When you have done all the research you should (and don’t overdo it and get hung up on THAT either), lay out the pros and cons as objectively as you can.  If the idea makes sense, then get excited and go for it wholeheartedly!  Throw doubts to the wind and MAKE YOUR DREAM BECOME A REALITY!!

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