Wasting Marketing Dollars

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Denturists frequently ask me “What is the typical successful denture clinic doing?”. This is a hard one to answer as I don’t believe there is such thing as a “typical” denture clinic. Every clinic is unique, has a different set of goals and will strive for those goals in its own way.

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Handling Patient Objections

Years ago I did an article concerning treatment presentation. Poor or weak treatment presentation is still the most common difficulty among our clients. Even with a good presentation, you must be able to deal with the objections raised by the patient in order to get them to go ahead with the optimum care for them.

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“Nice” genes, boss!

In the current marketplace in Canada, there is a growing sense of change and uncertainty.  Therefore, as the owner or manager of a practice, more skill is required than ever before to maintain an even keel and efficient course to optimum productivity from your team players.  You must give them a sense of security while

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Judging the Book By It’s Cover

There are various methods of choosing a book:  by recommendation, by well-loved author, or by the colour and design of the cover.  It is pretty much the same way your patients may go about choosing your practice over other possible selections. You may already be attracting patients by recommendation and by being a well-loved member

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Is it REALLY a Fairy Tale?

Once upon a time, there was a Denturist who dreamed of owning his own practice one day where the phone rang consistently due to some magically productive marketing, heralding a sufficient inflow of new patients who would say “yes” to ideal dentures.  These the Denturist would meticulously craft with his own bare hands (and the

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The Face of Your Practice

How would you like to be a patient in either of these practices: I walked into a practice recently and it was very nicely appointed.  There were a couple of well-groomed receptionists sitting behind the front desk.  I stood in the doorway for a moment, deciding whether to go in and ask for a business

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Send Out A Search Party

A practice building resource that is often not fully tapped is the patients who have received some service, such as a repair or a reline or a denture more than 8 years ago, but who have not been on regular service since.  If the patient is not in the practice and is overdue for a

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Don’t Let Your Practice Take the Summer Off

Go ahead, disappear! Let’s see…where are you going to go this summer for a week or two getaway? Get your imagination in high gear. Maybe a canoe trip in the Rockies, whale watching on the Pacific Coast, trekking in the Laurentians, fishing off Newfoundland, participating in the Calgary Stampede. Every province and territory in Canada

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Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?

Does the patient run the scheduling of your practice, or do you? Virtually every denturist practice that we have worked with so far (about 90 across Canada) improved their scheduling of the various tasks necessary to make the practice run. When they got in control of the scheduling, their patients experienced better service, more on-time delivery,

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Be There or Be Square

More denturists are creating high-tech practices, yet many do not have a website. Because the Boomers are Internet-savvy, having a website is becoming mandatory to maximize your business. Visibility A website serves many purposes: Your prime public, 45 years of age and up, are heavy-use web surfers and computer-savvy, and will look for you there.

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Playing on the Same Field

What’s in it for your staff to work harder and smarter? Even fabulous staff can feel a bit left out of the financial loop when they see the revenues increase without any return to them. You are simply on different playing fields. Ever wonder why staff sometimes do not do their job functions in the

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Stamp of Approval

Warning: This is a marketing article in disguise! Your patients’ favourable attitude or opinion about your practice is what will help it to grow, and they will only give it their stamp of approval if they received the quality of denture and service that they expected. Therefore, this article is all about Quality Control in your

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