Associates: Is Your Practice Ready For One?

As with all the healthcare professionals we have worked with since 1989, denturists have frequently asked me whether they should get an associate. They have dreamed of having someone else come in to share the workload and the hours, to increase the profits, and to be able to take a holiday without closing the practice.

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Make Your Practice Well Known and Well Thought Of

External marketing to attract new patients is an essential part of building a successful practice. Delivering top-notch quality and service to your existing patients will produce a certain amount of new business through patient referrals, but casting the net further abroad through external marketing will increase profitability. There are literally hundreds of avenues to make

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Keep them coming back

Keep Them Coming Back: The Recall System

My Dad, who is really an incredible guy, was 72 years old last year and still going strong. His mouth, however, was not. Last November, I got up the nerve to confront him on his neglect of his mouth. Christmas was coming and I thought how nice he would look in family photos if he

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Successful Treatment Plan Presentations

What is a successful treatment plan presentation, anyway? Perhaps it could best be defined as a presentation by the denturist to his patient that offers the patient ideal care that they choose to go ahead with and that you, the denturist, get paid for as per the fee guide. As with all healthcare professionals, the

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Growing Your Practice From Within

Internal Marketing In the article on Sales and Marketing I wrote for the Spring issue, I mentioned that there are two key parts to internal marketing: 1) professional image; and 2) the service (not the technical services of making the dentures). The last article concentrated on image, whereas this one is focused on service. There

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Fill Your Practice With Patients You Love

Have you ever noticed that there are some patients you love to treat more than others? What if you could attract more of them into your practice without spending a fortune on tons of external marketing? Would going in to work every day be more fun if your practice was brimming over with your favourite

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Low Cost Marketing

Cost-effective Marketing

One of the more common questions that I get asked is: “What is the most cost-effective marketing approach?” The answer: The most effective marketing which requires the least amount of money and effort on your part, and which provides you with the best quality patient, is internal marketing. Internal Marketing First impressions are lasting impressions:

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