Implants and Over Dentures

We all know the real estate maxim of “location, location, location” as the key to successful sales. In your profession, we would say “education, education, education.” Have you realized, though, that there are two sides to education with regards to implants and over dentures? There’s you and there’s the patient. Educate yourself first More and

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Who’s Running the Show?

From the number of Denturists I have met with tire tracks across their chests, I’d be inclined to say that their patients are running the show! Did you know you are the executive of a business? Have you ever considered the fact that you are the CEO of a company? True, you are also a

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Computer Shopping 101

People have a lot of different attitudes towards computers: love ‘em, hate ‘em, tolerate ‘em, curious about ‘em, could care less about ‘em, break ‘em, use ‘em, kill ‘em, and so on. I personally hated ’em, while my husband Bob, our main consultant at AMI, is a computer guru who had worked years ago at

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Treating Patients you Love

Make “Tender Loving Care” your Mission

Scenario One: You ask a patient in the waiting room, in front of other patients or staff, to hand their denture over to you for repair (it has also happened, probably more than once). Later, your patient is handed his or her repaired denture over the counter at the front. Scenario Two: You take the

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Referrals to Specialists

Delegation: The key to growth and stability

While every practice we have consulted over the past 19+ years has been completely unique in many ways, there are certain issues and patterns that are in common.  The staffing of a denture practice and delegation to the staff is one of the aspects that our consultants are faced with solving.  Here are some of

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Increase Patient Referrals

One key to a successful practice is having an abundance of new patients walking through your door. But, you probably do not want to rack up a heavy advertising budget that could eat away all your hard-earned profits. The answer, however, is right inside your practice. Namely, word of mouth from your already existing clientele.

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Staff Performance Reviews

How many practices actually do personnel evaluations? In our experience, not that many. What we commonly see is that staff automatically get an annual raise in pay without any performance review at all. Perhaps the difficulty lies in the fact that most practitioners do not know how to do one. Definition, Please! When you look

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Feeling Overworked and Under Paid?

Have you ever sat down and figured out how many hats you wear in your business? Many denturists are still one-person shows and are: business owner telephone answerer greeter of patients finance manager salesperson lab technician denturist janitor supplies orderer marketing manager bookkeeper gopher, snow shoveler, window washer, hinge oiler, etc. When you add up

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Hiring the “almost perfect” staff

I have personally met with about 6000 healthcare professionals across Canada to analyze their practices, and our staff have done extensive work with over 1,400 of them (including more than 150 Denturists) to train them as executives and help them improve their practices. Some facts we have observed are: there are no perfect bosses; there

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Be The Best and Get Paid For It!

I have a confession to make. Behind every successful woman, there is occasionally a brilliant man. In this case, my husband Bob Wheeler. He is our Senior Consultant and has been the solver of more than 500 healthcare professionals’ practice management problems (many of those are Denturists). Our resident guru, if you will. Anyway, I

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Something To Smile About

As a denturist, you make your patients smile again by creating works of art in their mouths. Why not give them something else to smile about – the pleasure of coming into a beautiful, stylish practice that at once makes them feel at home and like they are important (which they are!). The appearance and

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Reactivations: Practice Management’s Most Neglected Tool

Basically, your practice is a two cylinder engine: it runs on new business and repeat business. You should be consistently advertising and, as a result, getting new patients. Much of the time, this is all you need to do along with a strong recall system. However, if your scheduling book is not full enough, an

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