April 30, 2014


Leadership Role

As the owner of a healthcare practice, you wear a dizzying number of “hats” (functions) and sometimes you may feel a bit bounced around and stressed by the end of your workday. Your main duties as the CEO of your practice (besides being the healthcare provider) are: leader, boss, coach, manager and executive. Here are

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Have you ever been “busy” all day, but didn’t achieve your goals? You were probably distracted. Ever wonder why you feel frustrated at work? Distractions might be stopping you. Ever feel stressed? Distractions may be slowing you down. Distractions are not just irritating, they are destructive forces that ruin your productivity. Examples: supplies that ran

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The WEB: Increase Visibility

Can Your Practice Be Found Online? Many healthcare professionals have created high tech practices, yet relatively few have built a website to match. With 90% of the public surfing the internet these days, it has become important to have exposure there in order to capture your share of new patients and to maintain patient loyalty.

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The “NO MONEY” Syndrome

The “No Money” Syndrome Approximately 80% of the healthcare professionals we meet with feel that they “don’t have any money.” However, when we dig deeply into this matter, this “feeling” has two possible sources: either they are not generating enough income, or they actually are making enough but the spending is out of control leaving

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Organize For Success

Success seems to come to some people more easily than others. What are the secrets to achieving those dreams we dream? How can we make it easier and faster to reach those dreams? One of the answers is: ORGANIZATION. If you observe highly productive people who are getting a lot done and are achieving their

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Scheduling “The Ideal Day”

If you want happier staff, if you want to run on time and if you want more enthusiastic patients, consider scheduling “Ideal Days.” An Ideal Day must first be defined and then all appointments scheduled in accordance to this definition. When defining an ideal day there are a number of factors which must be considered.

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Wasting Marketing Dollars

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Denturists frequently ask me “What is the typical successful denture clinic doing?”. This is a hard one to answer as I don’t believe there is such thing as a “typical” denture clinic. Every clinic is unique, has a different set of goals and will strive for those goals in its own way.

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Don't dive...Thrive

Recession?? Don’t Dive…Thrive!

We live in interesting and challenging times. If you were to believe all the dire economic predictions, you certainly could give yourself an ulcer worrying about your economic future! During the really bad recession in the early part of the 1990’s, most healthcare practices experienced dives in the income, sometimes very substantial. Our clients, on

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Principles Of Prosperity For Healthcare Professionals

9 Practical Tips 1. Disagree: Many so-called “experts” would like to convince you that things are “all bad.” You have two choices, you can agree and go into apathy about doing well at this time, or you can disagree and flourish and prosper. 2. Ignore the bad news: When people read or hear bad news

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Make Things Happen

Motivating Staff and The Boss

Words Of Encouragement I was speaking with a staff member of a healthcare practice the other day and she had a problem. This young woman is the sole staff member in the practice. She told me that her boss never gives her encouragement and wondered what she could do about it. She used to run

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