Recession?? Don’t Dive…Thrive!

Don't dive...Thrive

We live in interesting and challenging times. If you were to believe all the dire economic predictions, you certainly could give yourself an ulcer worrying about your economic future!

During the really bad recession in the early part of the 1990’s, most healthcare practices experienced dives in the income, sometimes very substantial.

Our clients, on the other hand, thrived. Here are a few of the factors addressed by our consultants to help our clients flourish, even under tough economic pressures:

  1. Internal marketing was scrutinized for any omitted vital actions, and these were then integrated into the practice, resulting in increased patient referrals and therefore more income.
  2. All aspects of service to the patients/clients were optimized, with a net result of more enthusiastic patients/clients who then referred more new patients into the practice.
  3. Recall/reminder/recare systems were finetuned or overhauled to ensure all patients were being followed up on without slippage.
  4. The staff was given more attention and help, resulting in higher levels of loyalty, motivation, efficiency and productivity – the ideal team! Bonus systems were integrated into the practice based on increased profitability so everyone benefited.
  5. External marketing was focused on and customized to attract more business.
  6. The practice owner was trained on the executive skills necessary to achieve and maintain the top end, performance-driven practice of their dreams.


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