Have you ever been “busy” all day, but didn’t achieve your goals?

You were probably distracted. Ever wonder why you feel frustrated at work? Distractions might be stopping you. Ever feel stressed? Distractions may be slowing you down.

Distractions are not just irritating, they are destructive forces that ruin your productivity.

Examples: supplies that ran out unexpectedly, salespeople who drop in without appointments, discussions about personal problems, sunny days, rainy days, holidays, gas prices, diets, money, health problems and more.

How do you handle distractions?

Get organized.

A well-organized business understands distractions and organizes to deal with them. For instance, a morning meeting to plan the day with your staff can take up the admin issues that need to be dealt with; someone delegated to be in charge of supplies and a system of written notification of supplies that are getting low BEFORE they run out and it becomes an emergency; a policy that personal phone calls are to be dealt with OFF of production time, etc.

Time Management Strategy:

For a few days, note down on a pad every distraction that happens. Then sit down with your staff in a meeting and work out what systems and policies will handle those. Everyone had a hand in creating the systems, so there is more ownership of the policies and they will be adhered to better.

You make much faster progress toward your goals and ultimate success when you are well-organized and not distracted.


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