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Can Your Practice Be Found Online?

Many healthcare professionals have created high tech practices, yet relatively few have built a website to match. With 90% of the public surfing the internet these days, it has become important to have exposure there in order to capture your share of new patients and to maintain patient loyalty. An informative website which is easily found by search engines can be the source of an abundance of new patients. There are practitioners in Canada who attract a huge number of new patients/clients through effective websites.

Tips To Make An Effective Website:

  1. Find a good website designer: A good place to find a website creator is to find a website you like and look at the end of it for the designer’s name, or contact the site owner to ask for it. Trying to go too cheap can defeat your purpose with a low quality website.

  2. Keep it clear, succinct and positive: Focus on your services and how you can help. It is your way of attracting business into the practice. Focus on the best you have to offer and your quality of service.

  3. Keep it lightweight: Make sure the designer makes your website ‘light’ so that it downloads easily and quickly.

  4. Get found: Although most search engines use the contents of a webpage to index it, the creator should tag keywords and descriptions to catch attention. This can help rank it higher in search results.

  5. Links: Not only can you tag the names of your suppliers, you should put their links on your pages. Including these links will give you a higher ranking on the search engine result list.

  6. Your associations: While most provincial associations list name, address and phone number, some have not listed the websites. Get them to include it.

  7. Your patients: Let all your patients know you have a new website. They can refer friends to your site for answers if you have some information pages.

  8. If you are listed with, be sure your website is listed in your ad.

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