Leadership Role

As the owner of a healthcare practice, you wear a dizzying number of “hats” (functions) and sometimes you may feel a bit bounced around and stressed by the end of your workday.

Your main duties as the CEO of your practice (besides being the healthcare provider) are: leader, boss, coach, manager and executive.

Here are some dictionary definitions:


• a person who leads; directing, commanding or guiding head, as of a group or activity.


• a person in authority over employees, as an employer, a manager, or a foreman.


• an instructor or trainer; the person who is in overall charge of a team and the strategy in games.


• one who manages a business, etc.; one who manages affairs or expenditures, etc.


• One who holds a position of administrative or managerial responsibility in an organization.

To sum it up:

  1. You are the goal setter.
  2. You are the director.
  3. You are the analyzer.
  4. You produce leaders.
  5. You have courage.
  6. You are persuasive.
  7. You follow through on actions.
  8. You think in new combinations.
  9. You never doubt you will succeed.
  10. You know what you want and go after it.
  11. You focus on your future success.
  12. You are frank, forthright and honest.
  13. You can change your mind.
  14. You believe things will turn out well.
  15. You always strive to do better.
  16. You think about others’ needs.
  17. You are patient with others.

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