Your Wish Will Come True

Wish coming true

You have probably read articles (and perhaps with some disbelief) that what is happening to you here and now has something to do with your own thoughts and decisions. Have you ever had a thought or made a decision (alone or with someone else) and had it come true, exactly as you wanted?

Wouldn’t it be crazy good if you could be more in control of your ability to make powerful decisions that actually happen? Good news … this IS a skill and it can be improved upon! It just takes conscious practice. Here are a few tips on how to do this.

What do you want?

First of all, have you ever heard this: “You can’t get there if you don’t know where there is.” In other words, you really do need to have a clear concept of what you want to arrive at. Do you want to be less stressed? Do you want to be richer? Do you want more free time? Do you want to grow your practice? Do you want to be a better boss? Do you want more new patients or clients?

No Maybes

When you are undecided about something it hangs you up. Do I want to go to the store to buy a coat? Well, maybe I won’t be able to find what I want as it is the end of the season. Maybe I want a blue coat, no maybe I should get a red one. These maybes are very dangerous. Some people cannot make up their minds clearly about anything and of course their lives are a mess as they never resolve anything. They are unhappy.

So be as precise as you can as to exactly what your wish is. Do not include any negative thoughts on why it can’t be done, or how many times you have tried to reach that goal. Skip all those. Just clearly conceptualize as precisely as you can what you wish for. For instance: What is stressing you that needs handling? How rich is rich and do you mean money or property or health or family…? How much free time do you want and at what times? And so on … you get the idea.

Make Magic Happen

If it is a major change that you are planning, it would probably help to write it down. There may be several steps that need to be decided on and carried out strategically in order to achieve your wish.

For instance, you want to hire two more staff and you work out exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes it will just magically happen that you have someone drop in or call in looking for that position in particular. What a win … magic! However, sometimes you need to help the magic happen by taking the right steps, such as advertising the positions or letting your staff know what you are looking for as they might have friends that could qualify.

Perhaps you want to be a better boss. This can be achieved by taking courses and learning the skills. Sometimes magic is just deciding on a path and then taking the steps to get there. You want to grow your practice … what things do you need to learn in order to have that result?

Practice Your Magic

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! This takes conscious practice to improve your skill in this area. So put it in your schedule every day: MAKE MAGIC! And then do it!

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