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To lead or not to lead?

Most practice owners have a number of staff (or a hoard) and find themselves in the hot seat as the leader who is expected to know more and be better at everything than their staff.  The irony is that the majority of practice owners have had zero management or leadership training and are winging it.

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Elephant balancing

Life / Work Balancing Act

A seasoned healthcare professional that I recently met said to me, “All this talk about going to the next level does nothing for me. I don’t even know what that means specifically. What I want is just to be happier with my life, work less, be more efficient, not feel so exhausted, and have a

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A Leader Is Created

If you are not a “born leader,” take heart.  Most real true leaders are created in the crucible of life, or else by mentoring, or by actual training.  However we get there, we all need to be leaders in our own endeavors if we are to be successful.  Whether you own a practice with no

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Leadership Qualities

Whether you know it or even want it as a title, everyone is a leader in some part of their lives.  Mothers and fathers are leaders.  Owners of practices are leaders.  Staff can be great leaders within the practice as well. Great leaders have many defining qualities and some of them are listed below.  What

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You Can’t Get “There” From Here…

When working to help expand a practice, our consultants frequently find that the staff and the owner are going in different directions because they have not sat down and created a mission statement.  This is important whether there is one staff member or 20. What is a Mission Statement? To be effective, a mission statement

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Are you an Inspiring Leader?

Sometimes life can feel a little flat and not so interesting and you may wonder why you even bother doing what you do.  Especially after a patient or client dumps all over you for something you did or didn’t do.  And to make matters worse, if you are the boss, you are supposed to be

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Practice Success!

A recent poll on the internet asking: What is the single biggest factor limiting practice success?  The choices were:  (1) clinical skills, (2) location, or (3) practice management?  Answer:  8% “clinical”, 25% “location” and 50% “practice management”, and 13% “other factors”. The three aspects could be likened to a three legged stool, where if you

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Leadership Role

As the owner of a healthcare practice, you wear a dizzying number of “hats” (functions) and sometimes you may feel a bit bounced around and stressed by the end of your workday. Your main duties as the CEO of your practice (besides being the healthcare provider) are: leader, boss, coach, manager and executive. Here are

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Principles Of Prosperity For Healthcare Professionals

9 Practical Tips 1. Disagree: Many so-called “experts” would like to convince you that things are “all bad.” You have two choices, you can agree and go into apathy about doing well at this time, or you can disagree and flourish and prosper. 2. Ignore the bad news: When people read or hear bad news

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4 Great Leadership Skills Anyone Can Apply

In the current marketplace in Canada, there is a growing sense of change and uncertainty.  Therefore, as the owner or manager of a practice, more skill is required than ever before to maintain an even keel and efficient course to optimum productivity from yourself and your team players.  You must give them a sense of

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Control: The Difference Between Success and Failure

Like money or nuclear power, control can be used for good or evil. You can use it to harm, suppress or destroy lives. Or you can use it to help people, increase your own income and improve the world around you. 10 Signs You Are Not in Control of Your Work Easily fatigued or exhausted

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