4 Great Leadership Skills Anyone Can Apply

In the current marketplace in Canada, there is a growing sense of change and uncertainty.  Therefore, as the owner or manager of a practice, more skill is required than ever before to maintain an even keel and efficient course to optimum productivity from yourself and your team players.  You must give them a sense of security while pushing them to achieve greater heights.

How can you do this?  Simpler than you think!  Here are just 4 ways to start with:

1.  Be caring and interested in each member of your team. 

I put this one first because you don’t want to ever lose sight of that ability.  Your staff can sense whether you actually care about them or not.  They are there to help you achieve the goals of your practice.  Treating them like cogs in a wheel will not elicit top performance from them.  Anyone will shine more brightly and work harder if properly cared about.

2.  Have a strong business plan and make it known. 

There is a famous saying:  “You can’t get there if you don’t know where there is.”  Your team has chosen to work for you, but they need to know where the practice is headed and what you expect of them in the actualizing of those goals.  Clear direction and a passion for your service can galvanize the team into high levels of productivity.

3.  Project Positivity.

Remember the game “Follow the Leader?”  In a practice, good employees look to the leader to set the pace of how work is going to be done. If you exude positiveness when giving direction or asking for production, the staff will feel a confidence and control factor that they in turn will project into their work.  Further, acknowledge good production and efforts.  Be positive about advances the practice is making.  Do not dwell on negative aspects with your team.

4.  Issue clear and concise orders.

As a boss, it is uber important to be very clear and concise and firm in the directions you are giving your staff.  Tossing off an order to “finish that project quickly” does not always lead to immediate compliance.  Instead, give an order such as “I need that report on my desk by 5 p.m. today so that I can read it over tonight and be prepared for my presentation tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.  If you have any questions, please ask me.”  This is very precise and gives the staff a timeline and a reason for it that they can then think with and comply to.

Have fun embracing these skills and remember to enjoy the fruits of your own labour as a GREAT leader!

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