Wishing for 26 hour days?

Do you sometimes wish there were 26 hours in a day so you could get more done?  You run and rush and hurry and still can’t get everything done?  Not getting enough sleep either because not enough time in bed or too much on your mind to actually…
Never Admit Defeat

Never Admit Defeat

Are there times when you feel completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do or even who to talk to about it?  Do you feel like “throwing in the towel” some days when things are going out of control?  Are there some things that you simply…
Running Behind Schedule

Running Behind Schedule

Most practices experience times when they run behind.  Some chronically so.  Doctors blame the staff, staff blame the doctors, and the patients don’t care who’s at fault … they are just annoyed and disgruntled at having to wait when…
staff vs. boss

Staff vs. Boss – Who’s the Real Problem?

Ever wonder why the staff do not always follow through on things you (the boss) have asked them to do?  And sometimes you may find that at first the things you ordered are complied to, but then drop back out over time?  Or perhaps the order…
Magic of Marketing

The Magic of Marketing

There you are … in a great location … the best of equipment … the coolest staff … and treatment skills that can produce miracles.  Yet you are not fully booked or perhaps you have an associate that is not fully booked.  Or, you have…


Someone once commented that the only stress free state is when you are dead. It is my belief however that most of us would prefer to be stress free in this lifetime! The current idea of “learning how to live with it”, while intellectually clever, is not one that we can readily accept or should even give in to. Not too many years ago, attendance at workshops on a host of stress management techniques was a popular answer to this problem. As time has passed, those techniques have faded into dim memory but stress lives on.


Canadian Optometrists are well-primed to care for the health of their patients. It’s taking care of business that seems the higher hurdle. With competition elbowing in and patients demanding ever more value for less money, it’s tough to stay on top and keep a practice growing.


One of the more common questions that I get asked is: “What is the most cost-effective marketing approach?” The answer: The most effective marketing which requires the least amount of money and effort on your part, and which provides you with the best quality patient, is internal marketing.
Team Work

Petty Stuff vs. Big Picture

In any practice, being that we are all human beings, there can be a lot of petty small stuff that goes on that irritates or aggravates one another and makes working together a bit annoying at times. One of the handlings is to have well written…

The Surprised Author

My staff like surprising me, and this year they REALLY surprised me by bundling 56 of my practice management advice articles into a paperback format and got it published on Amazon!  They presented the book to me on my birthday as a gift. …


Pediatric chiropractic is interpreted and defined differently by chiropractors right across Canada. I called many to speak on this issue and became increasingly interested in getting the question answered. And the reactions to my question were varied to say the least. On the topic of billings, no two doctors seemed to have the same thing to say. There was definitely no set of rules as to how much to charge.

Saying “I’m Sorry” Gracefully

In anyone’s lifetime they are sooner or later (and quite frequently for some people) going to make a mistake or do something wrong.  We’re human and it is something we just do.  However, saying “I’m sorry” gracefully is not an inborn…