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Treatment Acceptance

Treatment Acceptance

A new patient enters your practice and sits in your dental chair and hands you their dentures.  This, however, is not the start of the sales process – that started before they even got to your practice. The beginning of the whole process is the method by which the new patient found you and chose

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The Four Stages of a Practice: From Love to Hate

The Four Stages of a Practice: From Love to Hate Just as products have a life cycle or shelf life, so do practice owners and managers. You can go from the fun stage (when you first started up) to the final stage of “I hate my practice and I want out” (which can go on

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Profit Loss

Are You Giving Away Your Profit?

This has been a hot topic since time immemorial.  While fee guides exist, there is often pressure to discount based on other low-ballers in the neighborhood and also pressure from the patients themselves. Dartboard approach to fee setting While provincial fee guides may not be perfect, they are far better than using a dartboard to

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Make Your Practice Work For You

Canadian Denturists are well-primed to do the technical aspects of their practices. It’s taking care of business that seems the higher hurdle. With competition elbowing in and patients demanding ever more value for less money, it’s tough to stay on top and keep a practice growing. Taking care of business and being a good Denturist

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The Real Reason For Stress and Burnout

Someone once commented that the only stress free state is when you are dead. It is my belief however that most of us would prefer to be stress free in this lifetime! The current idea of “learning how to live with it”, while intellectually clever, is not one that we can readily accept or should

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Do You Have A Winning Team?

There are days when, like the rest of us, you have wondered whether you should fire all the staff. Likewise, your staff were probably thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire a new boss. What’s wrong with this picture? Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of dental practices in Canada, we’ve observed that

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