The Surprised Author

My staff like surprising me, and this year they REALLY surprised me by bundling 56 of my practice management advice articles into a paperback format and got it published on Amazon!  They presented the book to me on my birthday as a gift.  I was probably the most “surprised author” ever as I did not know I had written a book.  OMG!

Having worked closely with many thousands of practice owners over the last 27 years, I seem to have accumulated a wealth of common sense information and I send this out by email in two short articles pretty much every week.  There are over 300 of these articles to date but my staff chose 56 key ones and published them in 5 chapters in this book.

The book is called “The Art of Management:  Practical Advice for Practice Owners.”  The chapters are:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Internal Marketing
  • Time Management
  • Success

The articles in the chapters contain easy-to-read, down-to-earth advice and real examples for dealing with the daily trials and tribulations of running a practice.  Humour is sprinkled throughout to make it easier to take in the information and to keep the subject of “management” light and fun.

Warm regards,

Janice Wheeler
Surprised Author

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Practical Advice for Practice Owners.”
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