The Power Of Encouragement

Have you ever experienced an entire day … or week (or month…

Imagine A Better Future

When you are hit with all the bad news of the world through radio,…
Pain Relief

Management Headaches

You graduated from your professional college, excited to get…

Holding Yourself Back from Greatness?

You have a lot more potential than you ever believed!  Did you…

That Important Front Desk

In the hundreds of practices we are in contact with per week,…
Staff Pay

Staff Pay Issues – Part 2 of 2

To continue where we left off on the previous article two days…
Over Expansion

Is Overexpansion Possible?

Many practitioners are worried about getting too big too fast.…

How To Get In Trouble With Your Staff

  Cute joke to illustrate a key point: A kindergarten…

Outshine the Competition!

There was this humorous commercial on TV a few years ago wherein…

Busy, Frustrated and Stressed?

Have you ever been “busy” all day, but didn’t achieve…
On the Verge of Greatness

On the Verge of Greatness?

“Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey…

Attitude is Everything!

  Don’t you hate it when you ask someone to do something…