Holding Yourself Back from Greatness?

You have a lot more potential than you ever believed!  Did you ever realize that?  Sometimes you don’t even know how MUCH you are capable of until some unforeseen event brings it out in you, right?  Ever had a day where 15 things went wrong and you fixed them all and were pretty damn proud of yourself at the end of the day?

What if you knew how to deal with or handle every situation (good OR bad) that you are confronted with?  What if the mega problems that are weighing you down became, instead, simply challenges that you know exactly what to do about?

Best Investment

One of my clients recently said, “My dad always taught me:  ‘Education is cheap.  Ignorance is expensive.’  I’ve always believed that the best investment I can make is in myself.”

There are always technical continuing education courses that you can and should be taking to keep up with technology and innovation.  But that leaves the people management side of the equation in a deficit condition for lack of training courses on those topics.  And yet, your practice is going to run as efficiently and profitably as you are a trained CEO/Manager of your practice.  What you DON’T know about management is costing you your potential greatness.  “Ignorance is expensive.”

For instance, what if you were trained on:

  • how to give positive orders as an executive,
  • how to delegate work and how to get compliance,
  • how to train staff and/or correct staff,
  • how to create the ideal bonus system,
  • how to organize for efficiency and production,
  • how to be a great leader,
  • what to do as an executive,
  • how to manage by your statistics effectively and accurately,
  • how to help patients go ahead with the ideal care they deserve to have,
  • how to make plans that actually get carried out,
  • how to get accountability going in the practice,
  • and so on.

Do you think you could reach your full potential or at least get closer to achieving it if you knew how to do all of the above?  Of course you would!  Only the proverbial “know-it-all” would pretend that they were experts on all the above and thereby reaching their FULL potential.  The rest of us are “learn-it-alls” and are on a crusade to reach higher levels of perfection.

Moral of the Story

NEVER STOP LEARNING!  The fun in life comes from reaching for the stars and learning ways to get there.  Ignorance is expensive.  Don’t hold yourself back from GREATNESS!

Invest in management training. We offer courses and consulting on all of the above (and much, much more) for healthcare professionals who want to reach their full potential.

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