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You graduated from your professional college, excited to get producing and so you sailed off into practice.  Most of you probably associated at first to get your feet wet, start paying down some of the massive student loans, get some mentorship from the practice owner, etc.

Within a few years, thoughts of ownership started weaving tendrils in your mind and occupied a lot of your daydreams.  Fear and excitement warred with each other but you finally overcame the fear and you took the plunge: you bought a practice (or a part of one) or you started one from scratch.

And then the management headaches began.

In an ideal world

Who knew that there was so much to running a profitable, stress-free business!  You may have thought that a practice should be a piece of cake to own and run.

In an ideal world, you would be a terrific boss, find the perfect location, negotiate the best lease, furnish the practice with the ultimate in equipment, hire the most productive and wonderful staff who would already be trained to perfection when they started and you would have the best pay and bonus system for them, your marketing would generate an abundance of ideal new patients or clientss, the practice would grow and prosper and you would take home a nice tidy sum as profit for all your years of training and the responsibility of owning a business.  Life would be perfect!

Management Headaches

Instead you may be experiencing a different scene – the existing scene.  The never ending problems and decisions of running a business:

  • Your lease is expiring and you have to decide to stay or move, to buy your own place or to lease, how to negotiate for the best price, etc.
  • How to be a great leader and boss to your staff.
  • How to hire and train staff on things you don’t even know how to do yourself.
  • What to do when a key staff member is off sick, or on mat leave or
  • What should you pay your staff, should you give them raises, what would be a good bonus system to appropriately reward them.
  • How to figure out why the stats are down this week or month and what actions to take to bump them back up.
  • What marketing should you be doing that is the least expensive but with the biggest bang for your buck.
  • What to do with the patient or client who is jacking up everyone’s temper.
  • Should you buy new equipment or stretch the existing stuff for another year or two.
  • How to balance work load and hours so you have a strong personal life.
  • And on and on.

The Answers

Did you know that someone already has the correct answers for all of these decisions and headaches?  Did you know that there are effective management tools for dealing with all of the above?

We have trained and done one-on-one customized management consulting with more than 1,500 healthcare professionals over the last 27 years.  Call us and set up a time to meet (in person, by Skype or by Facetime) for our free, in-depth 3 hour practice analysis and see how we can help you reach your Ideal Scene!

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