Outshine the Competition!

There was this humorous commercial on TV a few years ago wherein a traveler stopped at a gas station and asked how to get to a certain destination point. The gas station owner thought about it, scratched his head, hemmed and hawed, and finally said, “You can’t get there from here.” The same could be

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In control

Is Stress Controlling Your Life?

Various aspects of your life, including your home life, your practice, your hobbies, and other interests can start flying out of your control and your stress level will start to escalate. And your enjoyment of life will head south. There are many ways of preventing this vicious downward spiral from even starting and keeping you

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Who’s Driving the Bus Anyway?

If I had a nickel for every practice owner who had staffing issues, I’d be rich! It’s the age old question of: Who is the source of staffing issues, the owner or the staff? As the practice owner you’d like to think it is the staff and the staff would like to think it’s you!

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Micromanaging: A Balancing Act

Being a good and effective executive, whether as the practice owner or the office manager, is sometimes like walking a tightrope without aerialist training.  Step over the edge on either side and there can be serious negative results. Coaching and training your staff on how you want your practice procedures to be performed is a

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Do You Have A Winning Team?

There are days when, like the rest of us, you have wondered whether you should fire all the staff. Likewise, your staff were probably thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire a new boss. What’s wrong with this picture? Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of dental practices in Canada, we’ve observed that

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Chicken or the Egg

The Chicken or The Egg?

There is an age-old question as to which comes first:  the chicken or the egg.  Waxing philosophical for another moment, here is another:  which comes first, a good boss or a good staff? Having met with more than 6,000 doctors and analyzed their practices, I have observed that many have felt that they only have

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The Face Of Your Practice

How do you attract more customers to your lab and become successful financially?  Easy!  Look at all your points of contact with your customers and work out how “the face of your business” can be improved. Who are the “faces of your business?”  Obviously there is the receptionist who is both the face and the

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Going nowhere

Practice Not Going Anywhere Fast?

Over the last 25 years, I have spent at least 3 – 4 hours with over 6,000 healthcare professionals analyzing their practices one-on-one, and I have found many, many reasons why a practice may not be going anywhere fast. Here are the first things to consider: As the practice owner, do you have a clear

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Recession Proof

Is Your Practice Recession-Proof?

The prophets of doom and gloom have raised their ugly heads again, and are predicting a major recession. Yawn. The Art Of Management worked with clients throughout the severe “recession” of the early 90’s and saw strong growth by our clients throughout those 5 years.  Yet at the same time, most other practitioners suffered losses. 

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The Face of Your Practice

When healthcare professionals say, “My front desk…” they are not usually referring to the piece of furniture in the reception area but rather to the living, breathing human being taking care of business at the front of the practice.  This person is the “face” of your practice and hugely responsible for the success of your

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The Power Of Marketing

Shocking Statement #1: A poorly worded or thought out Mission Statement can work against you. For instance, your patients or clients are not coming to your practice with the intention of making your practice profitable. And your staff does not have “making the owner rich” as their purpose for working for you. Therefore, having a

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Playing on the Same Field

What’s in it for your staff to work harder and smarter? Even fabulous staff can feel a bit left out of the financial loop when they see the revenues increase without any return to them. You are simply on different playing fields. Ever wonder why staff sometimes do not do their job functions in the

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