The Power Of Marketing

Shocking Statement #1:

A poorly worded or thought out Mission Statement can work against you. For instance, your patients or clients are not coming to your practice with the intention of making your practice profitable. And your staff does not have “making the owner rich” as their purpose for working for you. Therefore, having a Mission Statement that focuses on being profitable or making lots of money is not going to be agreed upon by your clientele or your staff.

You need to work out what IS the basic purpose of your practice (or Mission Statement). It should be a purpose that your patients/clients will agree with as well as your staff. Having a goal to aim for or focus on is extremely vital as it provides something to aspire to and work towards. Rewards can be worked around the achievement of this goal as well.

Shocking Statement #2:

Cutting costs or expenses is often the most damaging action you can take to “balance the books.” This is because many times it includes cutting marketing costs (suicide unless you are getting NO results from that particular marketing method – but then, you should find another way of marketing that works better), or you are cutting back on staff (and again, that is usually the wrong thing to do – instead, you should get them onto marketing strategies and actions that will build the practice up).

Shocking Statement #3:

Low staff morale from hearing that things are not going well in the practice, money-wise or otherwise, will cut your income. Their hearts are not going to be as “into” great patient or client service if they feel “down”. Instead, consider ways that good news can be made known to your staff, i.e. a positive patient or client comment or experience, etc. Focus on the progress being made toward the goals of the practice, on the extra-ordinary service that one or more of the staff have shown to the patients, and so on. Keep the practice morale up, and the income will follow.






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