Micromanaging: A Balancing Act

Being a good and effective executive, whether as the practice owner or the office manager, is sometimes like walking a tightrope without aerialist training.  Step over the edge on either side and there can be serious negative results.

Coaching and training your staff on how you want your practice procedures to be performed is a very necessary action.  Ensuring that these procedures are followed on an on-going basis is also vital.  It is, after all, your licence, your reputation and your net income that are on the line.  It is you, as the owner, who gets penalized by CRA or the bank if payments are not made correctly or on time.  If insurance claims errors are made, you are the one who is liable.  Therefore, paying attention and doing follow up checks is also a correct action.

However, hovering over the staff and watching their every action on an on-going basis can be very irritating and distracting for the staff.  Once they are trained to your satisfaction, you must let them get on with accomplishing their tasks.  Most staff can operate with independence and honesty and, if you trust them, will give you the level of performance you are hoping for.

Keep in mind that staff do love to be acknowledged once in a while (or even a lot) for their efforts on behalf of the practice, just as you (if they only knew) would like an occasional bit of praise from them for being a good boss or doing something right.  Staff appreciate good leadership and need your direction to accomplish the goals you have set for your practice.

Knowing when to help and when to back off can increase productivity and improve the success of your practice.





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