Helping People Say “Yes” to Treatment

The Really Big Question for today: How on earth do you get the patient or client in front of you to choose, of their own free will, to go ahead with the IDEAL CARE you are presenting? Have you ever really decided to get a patient or client to go ahead with an ideal treatment,

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The Definition of Insanity

Recently, a healthcare professional came to us saying he needs to change the way he does things because it’s not working for him. He asked me if I’d heard the famous saying, “The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” And yes, we are quite familiar

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Make your business work for you

Canadian RDTs are well primed to carry out the technical aspects of their profession. It’s taking care of business that seems the higher hurdle. With competition elbowing in and clients demanding ever more value for less money, and escalating costs for raw materials and equipment, and the price of continuing education increasing, it’s tough to

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Is Your Practice Underachieving

Is Your Practice Underachieving?

Most practice owners, if they are honest with themselves, feel that there is room for improvement and growth in their practices.  What those changes are and how to achieve them is, however, often a mystery or a frustration or both. There are thousands of aspects to a practice that determine whether it reaches its full

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Wasting Marketing Dollars

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Denturists frequently ask me “What is the typical successful denture clinic doing?”. This is a hard one to answer as I don’t believe there is such thing as a “typical” denture clinic. Every clinic is unique, has a different set of goals and will strive for those goals in its own way.

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“Shopper” Handling

When someone contacts your office to ask about the price or cost of your services, realize that they are not “shoppers” most of the time. They are not sitting at home dialing practitioners to harass them or their staff. Usually, you have a potential new patient at the other end of the line and it

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Social Media is a proven marketing tool used by big brands to reach their potential publics and thereby achieve their marketing goals. In just the same way, healthcare practitioners need to make their presence felt on the Social Media “scene.” Let’s take Facebook for starters. At first glance, Facebook seems like a big time waster

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To recap Parts One and Two on this topic which were sent out to you recently: 0. Social media marketing is important for practices. 1. Have a plan. 2. Create a Facebook page for your practice (not a new profile). 3. Accumulate some Fans. 4. Update your status frequently. 5. Convert Your “Fans” into Patients.

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Sales: Good Word or Bad Word?

Some healthcare professionals that I have met with over the last 24 years have protested using the word “sales” in relationship to the services they provide to their patients or clients.  Instead, they use various euphemisms such as “treatment plan presentations.” Healthcare professionals often shun the idea of being a salesman because they associate the

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