Is Your Practice Underachieving?

Is Your Practice Underachieving

Most practice owners, if they are honest with themselves, feel that there is room for improvement and growth in their practices.  What those changes are and how to achieve them is, however, often a mystery or a frustration or both.

There are thousands of aspects to a practice that determine whether it reaches its full potential.  Here are some of the main categories and points to inspect and improve upon:

1.  Vision:

  • What do you want to achieve with your practice (goals)?
  • Do your staff know what your vision and goals are?
  • Do you review these and the progress on them at staff meetings?

2.  Morale:

  • Do you have happy staff?
  • Are the staff proud to be part of your team and the practice?
  • Do they have job descriptions and a policy manual?
  • Do you have games and bonuses?
  • Is there continuing education or is that dormant for the staff?
  • Is there a community project all are involved in as a practice?

3.  Promotion and Marketing:

  • Do you have a marketing campaign?
  • Does someone in the practice get the marketing DONE?
  • Is the marketing bringing in an abundance of new patients?
  • Have you worked on all the internal marketing points?
  • Is your receptionist trained on Shopper Handling?
  • Does the practice look awesome inside and out?
  • Are you attracting the kind of patients you love to treat?

4.  Treatment Plan Acceptance (aka Sales):

  • Do your patients or clients go ahead with IDEAL care?
  • Have you been trained on Canadian-style sales skills?
  • If some of your staff sell, have they been fully trained?

5.  Expenses:

  • Are you spending too much on things that produce no result?
  • Are you spending enough on marketing?

There are thousands more points but these are a place to start a self-inventory.  Then you need to work out what to do about each point and work out how to get it into perfect condition. And then get it done.

And then set new, higher standards and goals and go for those.  Never stop growing!


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