Ever Felt Like Firing Yourself?

As a practice owner, many have felt that there are days when they have thoroughly mucked up something and should fire themselves. It’s that or fire everyone else in the practice. Are either of these solutions rational? Probably not but what, then, is the answer?

No Management Training?

First of all, if you have been in practice a while, you may have been confronted with enough difficult situations to realize that the buck stops with you … now and forever, because it is your name on the door and the insurance policy and the degree on the wall. It may also have dawned on you that you have had little to no training as an executive. Probably just the School of Hard Knocks, Trial and Error, and Wing It.

Leadership Skills

So what can you do to rise to the top of the executive food chain and really be an awesome, caring leader for your team? Here’s some suggestions: make a mission statement and give them your vision for your ideal practice and all parts within, set up practice policy, give them job descriptions, work out goals and games, give them guidance and positive correction, organize for more efficient production, and shower them with lots of encouragement and appreciation.

Do those things one at a time and work out how to accomplish each and you will soon have a more cohesive, winning team working WITH you.

And then you can keep your job and be proud of yourself and your team!

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