Executive Burnout Club

Being the executive/owner of a practice and also being the practitioner…
Why Bother

Why Do You Even Bother?

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Be Inspiring!

Whether you are the leader of the practice or a team member,…

Is “Sale” a 4 letter word?

Twenty seven years ago when we first started consulting healthcare…
Good Staff

What Makes a Good Staff Member?

I was thinking about all the good staff who flank their bosses…
Me time

Want More Time?

Ever find yourself saying: “I don’t have enough time…

Perks of a Job Well Done

Whether you are the team captain (owner) of the practice or any…

How To Do Something You Don’t Want To

Are there parts about running your practice or doing a job within…

Sometimes You Just Need a Good Laugh!

Sometimes a day can seem to drag on and on. Patients come and…

How to Bring the World to Your Door

Everyone looks for the magic bullet that will act like a magnet…

Got a Problem? Speak Out!

One of your team mates is always dumping bad news on you when…

Every Day is a School Day

  Have you ever met a “know best?” This is someone…