Why Do You Even Bother?

Why Bother

Do you ever wonder why you get up every day and drag yourself into work?  Or how about why you even bother to try and get things done when you don’t seem to get anywhere anyway?

There actually is an answer to that or at least there was when you first started.  Want to know what it is?

The Game of Life

Once upon a time, you actually saw life more as a game than a chore or work, right?  Think way back to when you were young and everything was interesting and exciting and shiny and big!

Think about when you first planned what you were going to do with your life … when you decided to become a healthcare professional or when you first got the idea of having your own practice.  Perhaps you were a bit nervous about the whole thing, but you plunged ahead and were excited.

Along the line, you hit problems and difficulties that you had no idea how to solve and it may have slowed you down a bit and took some of the fun out of the game.  Some days you may even start to wonder why you bother at all.


One of the key ways to get back that excitement is to revitalize your purpose or reason for doing what you are doing.  Why did you choose to do what you are doing?  It’s kind of like reviewing your personal mission statement for your life.  Have you gone off the path?  Are you working the hours that you wanted?  Are you taking vacations and doing the interesting things that you wanted to?

Are you trained enough in running your practice to be able to exceed what you planned?  Many healthcare professionals have great goals but are not reaching them because they are trained as a technical provider but not as the executive of a business.  Kind of like trying to dig a ditch with a spoon instead of using a steam shovel.  This can slow you down and frustrate you.


If any of the above is true for you, sit down and rethink your personal and professional mission statements and see how to make them work together.  By getting that much done, you will then see what you need to know and do in order to get back on track.

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