Practical Marketing: Part Three


There are many marketing ideas and concepts that purport to help you increase the size of your practice. With over 24 years of experience in working with healthcare practices, and more than 1,300 clients consulted and trained by us, we have seen a full gamut of right and wrong, workable and unworkable marketing ideas. This issue of Practice Quick Tips focuses on the physical image of the practice as one of the key parts of your marketing strategy.

Grow In Size By Looking Inwards

One of the key features of successful practices is the image they project.

Improve your income by “looking the part.” There are many ways to do this and most of them are inexpensive. Start off by assessing your practice’s current image.

Go across the street from your practice and look at it as if you were a new patient or someone just considering using your services.

How does the building look from the street? Is it upscale or dilapidated? Is your sign visible, eye-catching, clean, and well lit? Are the windows clean?

Now walk up to the front door as if you had never seen it before. What is your first impression? Be honest – does it look classy and professional? Warm and inviting? Does it make a good impression on you or even make you say “Wow”?

Walk Right In!

Walk in the front door. Notice whether the carpets are clean and in good shape; check the paint and/or wallpaper too. Are the lights all working; are the chairs and equipment clean and in good repair; are there beautiful pictures on the walls and are they hung straight; are the magazines in the reception area current, in good shape and high quality? Just fixing those items up can increase your professional image and give a new life to the practice.


Is the receptionist at her desk and did she notice you? Was there a warm smile and a happy greeting and does she do the same for the patients arriving? Is she well groomed and professionally attired?

Delivery Areas

Check out your delivery spaces – are they spotless and uncluttered, paint and wallpaper in good shape? Is your lab jacket (if any) well-pressed and immaculate? These are not expensive items, but graying, torn, marked up ones are uninspiring to patients. Is any equipment you may have still in ideal condition and fairly current looking?

Have fun with your inspection! Be sure to correct as needed.


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