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Want to have more new patients walking in your front door? Maybe you need to improve your front door! One of the easiest ways to increase new patient numbers is to update the image your practice projects.

Many practices, having been around for a while, get a sort of tired, unchanging look that patients actually subconsciously notice. Referrals by your existing patients can subtly suffer as a result.

There are many inexpensive ways to improve the look of your practice and you should continually look for ways to change it up and impress your patients.


Take a drive and look at the front of other healthcare professional’s practices, storefronts and other businesses, and note down what it is you like most or least about each one.

Now go across the street from your practice and look at it as if you were a new patient or someone just considering using your services. Does it look upscale and inviting, or is it dull and ordinary? Is your sign visible, eye-catching, clean, well lit? Are the windows clean?

Next, walk up to the front door of your office as if you had never seen it before. What is your first impression? Be honest with yourself – does it look classy and professional? Does it look warm and inviting? Does it make an impact on you or even make you say “Wow”? Walk in the front door and notice whether the carpets are clean or in good shape, whether the walls are nicely painted or wallpapered. Are all the lights inside the practice working; are the chairs and equipment clean and in good repair; are there beautiful pictures on the wall and are they hung straight; are the magazines in the reception area current, in good shape, and high quality.

Is there a warm smile and a happy greeting from the receptionist when you walk in? Is she/he well groomed and professionally attired? Remember, the receptionist is your Department of First Impressions — through the telephone first and then when the patient arrives at the practice. This point can be a killer and can lose the practice income due to poor first contact.


Having done your inspection, the challenge is how to remedy any points that you may have found that need improving. Devise a battle plan for how you are going to attack these points. Prioritize them and systematically work down your list. If you don’t have the funds for some, do the ones you can first.



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