Fastest Growing Job Requirements

job requirements

Practice owners usually experience the need to find qualified candidates for various positions from time to time.  To say the least, it can be a very worrisome and trying exercise with a lot of guesswork involved.

In the interview process, you may have a list of job requirements for the position you are hiring for.  They can be technical skills, but there are also “soft” qualities you are looking for as well, such as:  experienced, willing to learn, upbeat, well-groomed, well-spoken, alternate languages, etc.


Currently, one of the fastest-growing job requirements is “being nice”.  A growing number of companies are leaning towards workers who are positive, generous, and willing to help their coworkers because they tend to be the best performers and need the least amount of hands-on management.  Experts believe hiring workers who are good collaborators improves service, increases worker morale, and greatly reduces employee turnover.

G.A.S. Quality

This is a new one I recently heard about:  Does the candidate have G.A.S.?  What does that stand for?  “Gives a shit” – a little explicit but makes a point.  There are staff who just show up, do their job, and collect their pay cheque.  They often do an adequate job but no more than their job description requires.  There is not that drive to do whatever is needed by the practice for it to flourish and prosper.

Someone with G.A.S. will notice that something extra is required or could be done to enhance the practice or handle a situation and they will jump right onto it without even being asked and get it done.  They will go out of their way to make a patient or client very happy that they know you and your practice.

For example:

One of our clients had his rental car stolen downtown overnight (first time we’ve heard of that happening in all 30 years of our business) and he took a taxi to our offices the next morning.  Because he was going to be on a course all day, one of our team jumped in (unasked) and took care of the whole process of reporting it, letting the rental company know and getting a new replacement for him.  He was extremely appreciative of the help and it turned a negative experience into a positive one.

The Ideal Team

Finding the candidates with those qualities may be like looking for needles in a haystack but when found, the effort will have been well worth it as your office will have an ideal team.

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