The Supernova Award

Supernova Award

When you own a practice, you are the boss, the coach, the team leader, “the buck stops here” person, and so on.  You should get a Supernova Award for all that you do sometimes to hold everything together despite anything!

Do you ever get tired of being the “go to” person when something goes wrong or doesn’t work?  Do you wish your staff would rise up to the occasion and figure out what needs to be done before it falls to you to think of it or ask for it?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to have a whole team of Supernova players to work with?

The Making of a Supernova

  1. The first step in creating that magical staff member is hiring a candidate who exudes directed energy, has the “let’s get things done” attitude, has an enquiring mind to find out better ways of doing things but also knows not to change things that are working well. They would care about the survival and growth of the practice and how to give every patient the most ideal care possible.
  2. However, even though you may have (accidently) hired that person, those qualities can be uncreated by being a less than caring, nurturing, leading boss. The staff can lose their spark really easily if made to feel bad, scolded, looked down upon, corrected in front of other staff, no acknowledgement for noteworthy production or accomplishments, unthanked for extra effort, and so on.
  3. You have your goals for your practice and ideas as to how you want your practice to run. Now, you need to inspire and train your team to achieve those standards and goals.  Be sure you have a strong mission statement that inspires the team to reach higher, be more efficient, care more about the patients and their own team members, etc.
  4. Create a Supernova Award to give out once a month to the staff member who did the most outstanding production and accomplishment of the goals of the practice. Survey your staff to see what reward would be considered worth the effort … such as, a spa day, dinner for two at that certain restaurant in your area, etc. Present the award at the monthly staff meeting.

It takes a leader to make a leader.  It takes a Supernova boss/leader to create a team of Supernovas.  Go for it – get obsessed about it.  Everybody wins!

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