When Things Are Going Well

What do you do when things are going well?  Lots of new patients so you are fully booked.  A great team working smart and hard.  Running on time.  Enough profit to make even you happy.

Have you ever experienced this?  And, have you ever had it start down a slippery slope that ended the happy place?

There are rules about this condition if you want to maintain it and not have it crash on you.

There is a rule that is almost always violated and then you wonder why things suddenly turn for the worse.

Don’t Change Anything

Obviously you are doing a lot of right things to have caused this nice affluent phase in your practice.  You want to look over and make a list of all the actions you took on the way to this high condition.

For instance, you may have done a certain marketing action that is resulting in a lot of new patients.  DO NOT STOP DOING IT OR CHANGE IT.  This is a very, very important point.

We have had clients decide to change the colour of the promo or the size of the Facebook ad or some alteration to try and make it look different.  DON’T!  If it is causing a bunch of new business, keep it exactly the same (and keep doing it) until it stops producing the results.  THEN you can change it up a bit and see what happens.

Keep the Change

Maybe part of the shift into high gear began when you hired a certain staff member or promoted someone to running the practice and now things are running more smoothly.  KEEP THE CHANGE!  If it’s working, don’t change anything.  If it’s not working, make a change.

We have helped clients implement a bonus system and suddenly the statistics of the practice soar because everyone has a reward if production and service and care levels are up.

If Things are Worsening

The first thing you can do if statistics start worsening is looking for the change just before they dived and undo it.  This action alone may revert everything back to the happy side.

Have fun with this!

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