Too Much Technology or not Enough?

Over the last 29 years of consulting we have seen the complete…
Thank you

Thankless Jobs

Almost everybody who has a job has one or more aspects of it…

Don’t Argue

Have you ever noticed that arguing usually leads nowhere constructive?…

What Marketing Division?

So I was doing my free, in-depth practice analysis with a young…

Room with a View

Have you ever worked somewhere where there are no or few windows…
Why Bother

“It’s not my fault” syndrome

If you have children, you have probably heard “It’s not my…

Thinking about Exiting?

Many healthcare professionals have days when they think about…
Top Priority

No Time vs. Free Time

Can’t get away from the practice on time.  Too busy to go…

The Dangerous Plateau in Practices

I just talked with a doctor today in a two doctor practice. …

Pushing Yourself to Have Fun

It is SOOOO easy to be lazy and goof off.  The temptation to…

The Consequences of Doing Nothing

You half-overheard a conversation and believe that your staff…

The Overly Busy Practice

Do you sometimes feel that you are racing around in your…