Back to the Future

Anybody have a crystal ball for sale?  Mine went in the garbage when lockdown lasted 3 months instead of the few weeks originally predicted back in early 2020.  We will now officially be in the history books that our children’s children will read about like the smallpox pandemic in 1870-1874, or the cholera pandemic in 1832 and so on.

However, as the saying goes: “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings,” and apparently she hasn’t sang yet.  She’s warming up her vocal cords though, so we need to start getting things going forward and create the future we all want.

What’s Next for You?

Looking forward into the future, what do you want to see happen in your practice?  From meeting with and talking to a lot of healthcare professionals lately, here are the top few items on their wish lists.

The survey says that getting a full complement of great staff would be the number one wish for many practices.  Next would be eliminating appointment cancellations due to Covid-19 so your schedule is full every day.  Getting rid of the extra PPE and the scheduling restrictions are on the list too.  More sleep, shorter hours, and a vacation also showed up on the list.

The Good News

You don’t have to wait for the pandemic to be over to grant all of those wishes!

There ARE good staff “out there” despite all apparencies to the contrary, and you CAN find them with the right tools.  (Our consultants at AMI can give you a hand with this if you would like some help.)

Believe it or not, a very large percentage of the cancellations can also be eliminated with the right training for your team (and yes, we have a Sales Workshop which covers cancellations and no shows and confirming appointments, as well as treatment presentations).  Each staff member can be part of the solution to this problem.

Changing the schedule of your practice just a bit can often make the world of difference so it suits your life.

With increased efficiency, you can even shorten your hours and still generate the same amount of productivity and profitability, which then means you can take a holiday!


But What Else?

How about some incredibly good marketing, a website that generates more new patients, social media that attracts a ton of new patients, enough new patients to hire and keep an associate busy and allow you shorter hours.  How about time to go away for some amazing new technology conferences?  How about enough income to spend on an upgrade or total renovation of your practice?  Would your staff love a bonus system and other perks?  No problem, we can help.

Let’s Talk

Talk is cheap … especially when we offer a FREE in-depth Practice Assessment with no obligation so that you can see if we would be able to help you with your goals.  Thinking and dreaming and wishing is great, but sooner or later you need to take action in the direction of making it happen.  As the saying goes: “If wishes were fishes, we’d all be rich.”  Well, let’s see if we can help you make that happen!


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