A High Staff Turnover Rate 

Staffing problems

Staffing your healthcare practice is the number one frustration in most practices. This is a universal situation, and it was made much worse thanks to a certain pandemic and the aftermath.
Here’s a question for you:

What is the real problem?

Is it a shortage of staff that are available on the market right now?
Or is it really:
• your hiring procedure (from properly created exciting ads, to productive interviews, to meaningful reference checks, revealing trial days) is incorrectly done?
• your onboarding methodology, i.e. effective training?
• your own leadership skills (which you had no training on)?
• your staff are uncooperative and not getting along so they leave?
• a lack of systems and structure to create powerful teams?
• a missing Mission Statement that inspires purpose and productivity?
• your pay structure or lack of a bonus system to attract over-achievers?
• a lacklustre practice “culture” that doesn’t create a fun, close-knit team?
• an absent Performance Review system to help staff rise up and take on more responsibility?
• a lack of ongoing training and enhancement programs for the staff?
• a stagnant and stuck-in-a-rut with no excitement?

The Real Answer:

Most likely is that it’s all or most of the above!
You want to have a patient-centered, productive, fun and profitable practice, right? Well, unless you have a lot of lucky horseshoes hanging around to help you acquire the right staff, doing the right things, and helping you have that practice of your dreams, you should invest in some management training and consulting to help you with your HR problems. These staffing difficulties do not go away on their own. It takes learning some skills that can be learned to add to your formidable professional skills as a healthcare provider.
For 34 years, we have been steadily creating dream teams in Canadian healthcare practices and we would be delighted to talk to you about this to see if we can help you!

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