Showing Up for Work Every Day

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With all that has been going on in our lives for the last few years, many practice owners are experiencing daily stress from the ups and downs and unknowns we have all being going through. Consequently, many have found themselves just reporting in for work every day and are not feeling the passion they once did for their practice.

The increased problems with the patients as well as the staff issues that are going on may have killed the joy that you once experienced. As a result, the practice may not be expanding the way it should because the owner has lost interest and now is just being the provider and getting through each day.

Survivor Shirts for Everyone!

Factually, all practice owners and their teams who held things together through the pandemic deserve Survivor shirts.  However, some practices survived better than others.  And it is now time to get that Owner and Leader hat back on and to flourish and prosper.

Make a Short Plan

Start by sitting down with yourself and recall why you started or bought the practice in the first place and also recall the enthusiasm that you had for it then.  What was your goal for this practice?  What ideas and plans did you have for it that made you smile and want to get up everyday and look forward to going into the practice?

Now, taking that as a starting point, meet with your team and go over these goals and plans.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to generate enthusiasm in them for these goals and plans.  Get their feedback.  Ask for ideas they may have.  Encourage them to get creative and think outside the box for things that you could all do to make the practice a better place for your patients and your staff.

Where to Start

While there are many, many other actions that you may come up with, here are a few ideas for discussion and implementation:

  • Update your marketing, website, Facebook, Social Media
  • Work out new protocols for greeting and dealing with patients that will jazz them
  • Hold more frequent and productive staff meetings (pick your most creative and upbeat staff member to chair the meetings and follow up on the policies and decisions)
  • Institute a better bonus system for your super-productive staff.

Bring Back the Joy of Practising

Get going on the above steps and start looking forward to going in to work every day!  It may take a little work to get your team back up to that level of happiness too but keep pushing and you will get there.  You are the leader and set the tone!

Have fun!

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