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Staffing problems

A High Staff Turnover Rate 

Staffing your healthcare practice is the number one frustration in most practices. This is a universal situation, and it was made much worse thanks to a certain pandemic and the aftermath. Here’s a question for you: What is the real problem? Is it a shortage of staff that are available on the market right now?

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Curing the Post-Pandemic Blues

Curing the Post-Pandemic Blues

Three years since the pandemic rocked our world and turned it upside down, and still it continues today with no clear end in sight. Although we are learning to “live with it”, there are many resultant effects that are holding us back from fully recovering our equilibriums and returning to pre-pandemic energy levels. Healthcare Practices

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How Blogs Help Get New Patients

If you don’t have a blog that you write from time to time and you don’t know how it can affect your practice growth, read on.  This is a very simplified series of explanations that even I can understand. What is a blog? For healthcare professionals, it is usually a short article that you post

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Lets move forward

Showing Up for Work Every Day

With all that has been going on in our lives for the last few years, many practice owners are experiencing daily stress from the ups and downs and unknowns we have all being going through. Consequently, many have found themselves just reporting in for work every day and are not feeling the passion they once

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we are back

Post-Covid: The Aftermath

Our world shattered over the last 2-1/2 years and is reassembling itself in new patterns and necessities.  The good thing is that people in general are coming back to life and getting together again. Back to Normal? This has included practices, most of which suffered one way or another, due to the lockdowns and the

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The Struggles of Practice Ownership

We have recently lived through very disturbing and confusing times.  Now, as that seems to be fading away, we are experiencing the fall-out from it that is making it harder than ever to run a stable, productive practice. Currently, many practices are experiencing difficulties with inflation affecting the cost of everything they need to buy

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Look at Your Practice Backwards

Looking at your practice from your own eyes reveals what you want to see or are trained to see from your own reality.   For instance, you are exceptionally proud of the new specialized equipment you just spent a fortune on.  You have staff who you hand-picked to hold your practice together.  You are excited about

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Back to the Future

Anybody have a crystal ball for sale?  Mine went in the garbage when lockdown lasted 3 months instead of the few weeks originally predicted back in early 2020.  We will now officially be in the history books that our children’s children will read about like the smallpox pandemic in 1870-1874, or the cholera pandemic in

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time to grow


Pandemic, plandemic.  Whichever it was, it’s fading.  No more hunkering down and wanting to sleep till it all goes away, wanting to give up, tolerating stoically what is being thrown at us.  The frustrations, the sadness, the fear, and the out-of-control feeling are ending.  The regulations and restrictions and barriers are being removed. Shake it

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thinking big

Thinking BIG!

Every year, Google publishes the most searched items, and last year it was “how to survive”, “how to cope with the situation”, etc.  Now, however, the searches have changed and they are:  “how to rebuild again”, “how to start again”, etc. This means that people are stopping coping and just trying to get through each

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the golden goose story

The Golden Goose Story

Do you think your most valuable asset is a possession – your home, your car, your stereo or your savings?  No, none of these things are your most valuable asset. Even if you have millions of dollars, your money is not your most valuable asset.  In fact, it might become a liability if you get

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lack of motivation

How to Beat a Lack of Motivation?

Have you noticed that a lack of motivation can crush you and take away your interest in practising?  There are probably a hundred ways to wipe out your motivation, and you probably have experienced a number of them in your life, right? Here are some ways to help you regain your interest and energy …

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